Squadcast: Episode 23

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Table Of Contents

A big shoutout to HeroesPatchNotes.com for all the help in my research

0:00 Introductions

17:48 Housekeeping

19:14 Auriel

We discuss the latest patch

25:38 Gul’dan

34:41 Kerrigan

36:17 Brightwing

37:35 Interlude/David Dunne joins us mid podcast

44:43 Brightwing continued

51:04 Xul

55:17 Zagara

58:23 Falstad

64:18 Artanis

70:20 Greymane

74:00 Chromie

78:45 KT

80:00 Medivh

82:27 Body blocking changes

85:00 Win time

Music from Centro-Matic

Intro: Only In My Double Mind

Outro: Iso-Residue