Squadcast: Episode 32

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Table Of Contents

4:57 Introductions

15:47 Housekeeping

19:18 Reaction to the new changes in the latest patch

19:33 Valla, Chromie, Alarak. Gul’dan and Tychus

26:28 Malfurion and Warhead Junction

38:35 Nazeebo, Chen and ETC

40:07 Zarya and the hotfix patch

48:04 Anub’arak and the new Mage Meta

54:12 Different play styles in various tiers of play; how to play at higher and lower leagues

1:30:10 Forbes Article

1:43:37 Gank Hero of the Week: Stitches

1:51:26 Win time

Music from Opeth

Intro: Sorceress

Outro: Will O The Wisp