Squadcast: Episode 13

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Table Of Contents

5:03 Introductions

8:02 Housekeeping

9:30 We answer your email

18:14 Thoughts on Chromie

29:53 Thoughts on Anub’arak

31:11 Thoughts on Arthas

37:46 Thoughts on Johanna

38:25 Unranked draft on the way; thoughts?

43:35 What characters are good for players just starting out? Characters for mid-level players?

54:30 Thoughts on Lost Vikings

58:47 Thoughts on debacle of Dream Hack European finals last week

62:20 Win Time moment

65:11 Discussion about the movie Lawless and the soundtracl

67:00 More ramblings on Chromie, Kerrigan and more

Music from the Lawless Soundtrack

Intro: White Light/White Heat

Outro: Fire in the Blood/Snake Song