Squadcast: Episode 11

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Introductions

6:50 Discussion about Tracer nerfs in the latest patch

12:46 Li Li and Brightwing are the top two healers. Why?

15:46 Rexxar’s win rate increased a lot, but he’s still not being played. Why?

16:56 Who is the most selfish character?

21:18 We discuss the Haunted Mines map. What was wrong with it? How can it be improved

30:50 Random ramblings; one co-host lost internet so we rambled

34:16 Haunted Mines discussion continued

44:36 Win Time moment. Why the Malfurion and Tyrande combo pwns Tracer

Music from the band We Are Augustines

Intro: Now You Are Free

Outro: Juarez