Squadcast: Episode 12

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Housekeeping

2:28 Introductions

6:30 Discussion about changes to Rank Play

22:58 Thoughts on Chromie

30:26 Discussion about non-hero changes in May 9, 2016 patch

42:43 Thoughts on Arthas

48:05 Thoughts on Muradin

57:39 Thoughts on Anub’arak

67:17 Thoughts on Kerrigan

67:50 Thoughts on Li-Ming

68:46 Thoughts on Diablo

70:00 Thoughts on Reghar, Johanna, Rexxar, Leoric, Stitches and Nova

75:38 Discussion about May 12, 2016 patch

81:00 Brief discussion about Dream Hack and Cloud 9 vs. Naventic

82:43 Win Time moment.

Music from the band Hum

Intro: Iron Clad Lou

Outro: Diffuse