Squadcast: Episode 20

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Table Of Contents

4:40 Butcher and Brightwing Combo

6:10 The real start to the podcast and introductions

10:29 Housekeeping

11:58 This week we discuss the latest patch

14:23 Regen Globes and Healing Wells

18:50 Minions and Catapults

43:08 Garden Terror Map

44:40 Thoughts on Gul’dan and different types of builds

69:21 Zagara

80:00 Brightwing

86:10 Uther

91:40 Chen

93:07 Muradin

95:04 Stitches

96:17 Tyreal

101:18 Jaina

104:08 Kerrigan

106:09 Azmodan

108:47 Gazlowe

109:40 Win Time

Music from Washed Out

Intro: Amor Fati