Squadcast: Episode 7

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Rambling About Heroes of the Storm

14:00 Introductions; Discussion of Dehaka and Lost Vikings

28: 38 What is the Change in the Meta? Discussion about Nazeebo’s Win Rate and Kerrigan

36:00 Uther, Does He Need Any Changes? Why Does He Have the Lowest Win Rate Among Supports?

42:23 Brief Discussion About ETC and Johanna

44:35 Reaction to Opportunity Cost Post on Reddit

58:04 Thoughts on Less Known Talents: Bribe, Mercenary Lord and Mule

73:18 Discussion About the Spring Championships

80:26 Win Time

Music from Creeper Lagoon
Audio Intro: Creeper Lagoon, “Big Money Trouble
Audio Outro: Creeper Lagoon, “Crisis