Squadcast: Episode 6

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Some Rambling

6:10 Introductions

9:40 Dehaka Thoughts

13:21 Why Li Ming and Morales are the Top Two Bans

17:12 Nazeebo Has Third Highest Win Rate. Why?

19:10 Illidan Thoughts

21:25 Hero League Rant

43:15 Tychus Thoughts

50:02 Gaslowe Thoughts, Very Briefly

51:06 Lost Cavern Thoughts

61:05 Sylvanas Thoughts

66:10 Garden Terror, Dragon Shire and Towers of Doom Discussion

70:48 Win Time

75:38 Political Discussion; Non-Heroes of the Storm Talk


Music from Veruca Salt
Audio Intro: Veruca Salt, “The Sound of Leaving
Audio Outro: Veruca Salt, “Black and Blonde