Squadcast: Episode 5

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro and Some Rambling

4:08 Discussion About the Latest Patch

4:11 Dragon Knight Changes

6:00 Garden Terror Changes

14:02 The Lost Cavern Map

20:17 New Format to Hero and Team League

22:50 Specific Gameplay Changes

25:20 Talent Re-works

26:00 Character Changes

26:46 Rehgar

27:14 Jaina

28:34 Butcher

31:05 Murky

33:23 Kerrigan, Nazeeb, Brightwing and Xul

34:54 Slyvannas

42:10 Illidan

47:16 Gaslowe

52:48 Kael’thas

58:30 Tychus

68:10 Dehaka

83:27 Goodbye to the Internet

Music from From Monument to Masses
Audio Intro: From Monument to Masses, “The First Five
Audio Outro: From Monument to Masses, “Hammer and Nails