Squadcast: Episode 0.5

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Twitter: @mattcommins; @gankbushsquad

Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro: Who we are; What is this podcast

4:56 Latest balance updates (February 17, 2016) & how it affects Li-Ming.

23:30 Discussion of the current state of matchmaking (February 17, 2016); How we feel about the quality of matches.

34:15 Why do each of us play Heroes of the Storm?

40:40 Whose the better character: Valla or Falstad?

52:00 Should Li-Ming be picked first overall in Hero League? Should mages be picked first in Hero League?

59:50 When should you take mercenary camps? This is a link to the article Pat talked about: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/467vgi/dreadnaughts_breakdown_of_all_maps/

69:00 A link to the Falstad Pallytime video we discussed.

80:50 Goodbye to the Internet; Which characters each of us will be playing

Music by Actionslacks; from the album One Word