Squadcast: Episode 3

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro and Some Rambling

11:52 House Keeping

13:13 Reaction to Latest Patch Update

14:53 Falstad Reaction

23:30 Tychus Discussion

24:40 Valla Reaction

28:40 Greymane Reaction

36:36 Li-Ming Reaction

50:00 Zagara Reaction

43:52 Abathur Reaction

54:05 Artanis Reaction

59: 37 Sonya Reaction

62:01 Kharazim Reaction

63:26 Discussion About the European Regionals

72:24 Goodbye to the Internet, Win Time and Other Rambling and Link to Donald Trump Game of Thrones Video

Music from the Le Tigre
Audio Intro: Le Tigre, “Deceptacon
Audio Outro: Le Tigre, “Eau D’Bedroom Dancing