Squadcast: Episode 2

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro: Who we are; What is this podcast

14:54 Thoughts on the Rehgar Nerf in Latest Patch

22:04 Impressions of Xul? Is he overpowered? Do you think Blizzard did this on purpose? How should you play him? What builds do you recommend? What are his weaknesses? How do you counter him? What teams go well with him? Describe a perfect team surrounding him. Will he receive a buff in a few days or will Blizzard wait the additional week similar to Li-Ming?

48:41 Discussion on How to Counter Specific Characters: Lunara, Zeratul, Cho’gal and ETC

76:24 Goodbye to the Internet and Other Rambling

Music from the Vektor
Audio Intro: Vektor, “Accelerating Universe
Audio Outro: Vektor, “Black Future