Episode 72

7:30 Garrosh announced as new hero coming to the Nexus

14:20 Update to our higher and lower level rankings

16:54 Tyrael

24:30 Stukov

30:40 Xul

35:32 Stitches

41:30 Anub’arak

45:00 D.va

53:00 Muradin

56:14 Illidan

1:02:38 Genji and Mateo

1:06:01 Jaina

1:09:19 Tychus

1:15:50 Tracer

1:20:01 Tips for players

1:20:50 Gank Hero of the Week: Muradin

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Music from Chastity Belt and they are on tour right now

Intro: Different Now

Interlude: Caught in a Lie

Outro: Used to Spend