Episode 69

14:05 Creators of the Storm which was hosted by Halorin and created by Trolls.gg

23:23 Reaction to latest patch

28:48 Brightwing

33:32 Uther

34:40 Tassadar

35:47 Lucio

39:30 Genji

Robocop’s Penis

44:07 Mateo

48:20 Thrall

49:00 Zul’jin

50:44 D.Va

51:10 Dehaka

56:30 Mouse grips

1:08:21 iTunes comment

1:13:00 non HOTS related discussion; you have been warned

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Music from Lord Huron from the Strange Trails album

Intro: Dead Mans Hand

Interlude: The Yawning Grave

Outro: Way Out There