Episode 68

11:47 We’ll be playing this Saturday @4pm EST in the Creators of the Storm Tournament

14:00 Update of our Upper and Lower Tier Rankings

15:15 Artanis

19:12 Arthas

23:00 Stitches

28:00 Varian (taunt version)

30:10 Malthael

31:26 Falstad and Dehaka

36:16 Thrall

39:00 Tychus

42:38 Zeratul

42:32 All supports

49:14 D.VA

52:30 How good is block?

58:30 HOTS Terminology

59:00 Is it good the pro meta trickles down to everyone else?

1:07:55 Midseason Brawl recap

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Music from France Gall

Intro: Laisse tomber les filles

Interlude: Poupée de cire, poupée de son

Outro: Faut-il que je t’aime