Squadcast: Episode 66

8:18 Bolt of the Storm changes

11:18 Force Move has been added

16:20 Map rotations will only exist for ranked play

21:16 Malthael (Mateo) got released

34:00 Malfurion

44:17 Thrall

54:24 Stitches

1:02:00 Update to rank play

1:07:30 Why should someone play Hero League? Link to the Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/6dbgyo/you_are_not_entitled_to_rank_up/di1gakt/?st=j3hx8b6o&sh=88d83b1f

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Music from We Are Augustines from the This Is Your Life album

Intro: Are We Alive?

Interlude: Landmine

Outro: Days Roll By