Squadcast: Episode 65

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Table Of Contents

3:30 Malthael has been announced

11:40 A message for all the new players

14:10 Patch analysis: Alarak

15:30 Cassia

17:00 Ragnaros

21:07 Samuro

23:30 Zuljin

23:50 Probius

26:30 Tassadar

31:30 Tyrande

42:50 ETC, D.VA and Dehaka

50:00 A segment just for new players; tips on how to play

69:00 NA roster changes

1:15:30 Our video on how to win Hanamura

1:26:50 Scarra’s thoughts on HOTS

Music from Christina Vantzou from the No. 1 Album

Intro: Adversary

Outro: Super Interlude Pt. 2