Squadcast: Episode 60

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Table Of Contents

Fringe Average on the Realm Maintenance Podcast

4:25 Heroes 2.0 is here: Thoughts?

How to reroll loot chests

33:05 Genji

41:15 Hanamura

50:44 Probius

53:10 Lili

1:01:13 Uther

1:03:31 Auriel

1:07:27 Valeera

1:11:05 Bacon’s Bits part 2: Practicing outside of ranked mode. Part 1 can be found at The Nexus Trolls

Minimap reminders: “Map” “Bell Sound”

1:26:06 Gank Hero of the Week: Arthas

Music from Armchair Martian from the Good Guys Bad Band album

Intro: Xenophobe

Interlude: Communion

Outro: Give In