Squadcast: Episode 59

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Table Of Contents

2:00 We are now on Patreon!

6:00 Bacon was on the Nexus Trolls Podcast and a special announcement

8:10 Con Before the Storm Kickstarter page

16:27 Latest Heroes 2.0 Patch and April 20, 2017 Balance Patch

16:30 Hanamura and the subsequent Google Doc

39:02 Genji

47:33 Uther

58:43 Tassadar

1:01:14 Lili

1:06:06 Auriel

1:12:48 Cassia

1:14:28 Greymane

1:15:53 Nazeebo, Anub’arak, ETC

1:18:00 Zarya

1:23:05 HGC Recap

1:32:45 Win Time

Music from 764-Hero from the Get Here and Stay album

Intro: History Lessons

Interlude: Get Alone

Outro: Coastline