Squadcast: Episode 55

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Introductions

5:03 Time based scaling update

8:57 Changes to Sky Temple

10:52 Update of the rankings for high and low level players

11:00 Probious and Gazlowe

26:14 Murky

27:20 Lucio

31:55 Tassadar

41:10 Anub’arak

45:28 Arthas

52:06 Sonya

53:26 Artanis

54:42 Tyrael

55:46 Johanna

57:00 Leoric

1:03:17 Varian

1:07:00 Greymane

1:10:55 HOTS Design Team Q&A

Blizzard explains the armor system

1:20:30 Andrew’s Super Serious Tips, Information, and Tricks Series (A.S.S.T.I.T.S) – Part 1 – Mentality

1:29:36 Win Time

Music from Orangutang from the The Rewards of Cruelty

Intro: Untitled #1

Interlude: Mr. Cimbalista

Outro: Sweet Lemon Maureen