Squadcast: Episode 54

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You can find us in chat at: “wintime” in Heroes of the Storm

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Introductions

1:50 Reaction to latest balance patch

14:46 Probious

31:02 Anub’arak

37:32 Arthas

44:50 Johanna

48:14 Tyrael

53:00 Do we like what Blizzard is doing with specializing warriors?

1:05:19 Gazlowe

1:08:50 Varian

1:10:04 Raynor

1:10:20 Cho’gal

1:20:37 Interview with InVerum. You can find him on Twitter @InVerum and you can watch him casting Heroes of the Dorm and the schedule can be found here

2:08:00 Season 1, 2017 Thoughts

2:13:12 Thoughts on Western Clash

2:30:20 Bacon is going to start streaming his Road to Grand Master in Hero League @baconhots on Twitch starting about about 6pm EST

2:31:51 Emails

Music from Balto from the Strangers album

Intro: Lost on the Young

Interlude #1: Shots in the Dark

Interlude #2: Midnight

Outro: Star of Bethlehem