Squadcast: Episode 48

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Introductions

10:48 FringeAverage’s “R” Carry

21:07 Housekeeping

22:00 Emails

44:14 Cris’ tweet

46:11 Patch Notes/How Heroes Are Performing

1:01:41 Post with statistics about heroes and what heroes counter who and etc

HGC Recap for NA and Europe

NA Stats

Europe Stats

1:21:30 Gank Hero of the Week: Diablo

1:32:00 Interview with Sir Ice Cream and we discuss his new website Heroes Universe and his YouTube Channel

2:10:30 Latest Balance Patch

2:41:00 Win time

The 6-minute Haunted Mines Replay

Music from the movie Pinback from the Information Retrieved album

Intro: Proceed to Memory

Interlude 1: Drawstring

Interlude 2: True North

Interlude 3: A Request

Outro: Sediment