Squadcast: Episode 41

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Introductions

12:41 Housekeeping

13:30 Emails

16:08 Dustin Browder is leaving HOTS

17:17 Balance Patch Notes 12.6.16

18:20 Brightwing

21:17 Varian

29:00 Samuro

33:10 Kharzim

36:00 Li-Ming, Zeratul, Tyrael, Anub’arak and Nazeebo

47:55 Latest PTR Notes

57:30 Ragnaros

1:16:35 Diablo

1:26:11 Dehaka

1:34:39 Artanis

1:41:30 Rehgar

1:44:50 Chromie, Zarya, Auriel, KT

1:50:15 Gold Cup World Championship

2:00:22 Win time

Music from Kevin Morby

Intro: Reign

Interlude: Slow Train

Outro: Harlem River