Squadcast: Episode 4

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro and Some Rambling

9:44 Discussion About the Latest Patch

10:50 Rehgar Reaction

16:15 Nova Reaction

20:19 Xul Reaction

29:16 Falstad Discussion Revisited

34:03 Discussion About Dustin Browder Tweet

35:28 Discussion About the New Map, Lost Cavern

50:50 Discussion About Dehaka

44:42 We Finish the How to Counter Specific Heroes

49:12 Murky

51:23 Illadin

56:03 Jaina

58:10 Kharazim

60:50 Leoirc

63:14 Falstad

68:26 Goodbye to the Internet, Win Time and Other Rambling

Music from the The Seatbelts
Audio Intro:The Seatbelts, “Call Me Call Me
Audio Outro:The Seatbelts, “Gotta Knock a Little Harder