Squadcast: Episode 37

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Introductions

15:51 Housekeeping

16:36 Emails

22:50 Tempest disbands

25:02 New HOTS documentary

27:58 The current state of the warrior meta. How many viable solo tanks are there? What about bruisers?

Also, for eSport Stats go to MasterLeague.net

48:17 How does hotslogs.com, pro players, and the community meta define how you play and draft?

1:05:30 Interview with Nubkeks; you can find his YouTube Channel Here

1:43:00 Win time & a link about how to stutter step

Music from Diiv

Intro: How Long Have You Known?

Interlude 1: Air Conditioning

Interlude 2: Oshin (Subsume)

Outro: Doused