Squadcast: Episode 8

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Rambling About Heroes of the Storm; Muradin and the Sonya and Diablo Combo

6:00 Introductions

23:30 How do Bad Team Players Rise in Hero League

33:30 Initial Reactions to Tracer

42:48 Reactions to the Latest Patch; We First Discuss the Changes to the Ultimates for: Muradin, Abathur, Falstad, Thrall, Brightwing, Li Li, ETC, Johanna, Tyrande, Uther and Malfurion

51:50 Discussion About Illidan’s Changes

54:05 Discussion About Tychus’ Changes

60:45 Discussion About Li-Ming’s and Kael’thas’ Changes

69:35 Win Time

Music from Armchair Martian; the songs I used are from the “Good Guys, Bad Band…” record

Audio Intro: Armchair Martian, “Not Fine
Audio Outro: Armchair Martian, “Retardent” (you can find this song on Spotify)