Below you will find our character rankings for Bronze, Silver and Gold players. The idea is to provide a quick snapshot of which characters will have the most success in the most number of games in Hero League as a first pick and the expected skill level for the league. These rankings are general and some characters perform much better in specific team compositions. The easiest example is Tychus. If the enemy team runs a two warrior composition Tychus is a must draft character.

Below is a brief description of each tier:

Tier I – Characters that should be picked 1st-2nd overall in vast majority of situations.

Tier II – Characters that should be picked in the first half of drafts in the majority of situations.

Tier III – Characters that can be Tier I or II given the right circumstances

Tier IV – Mostly outclassed by Tier III Heroes but can still perform better situationally.

Tier V – These characters require very niche team comps to be successful. Do not play these Heroes unless you have mastered them in every aspect, otherwise your team is at a disadvantage.

Rankings updated 11.7.17
Link to the Rankings Page can be found at HeroesHearth.